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A chest scan of the heart and lungs; our scans use advanced low-dose radiation, are non-invasive and take just minutes


The signs of cancer and cardiovascular disease are not always obvious. And what isn’t obvious makes treatment -- and survival -- more challenging. That's why there’s Craft Body Scan. We offer quick, non-invasive heart and lung scans that detect hidden health threats before symptoms appear. With early detection, it’s easier to treat your condition, resulting in better health outcomes and higher quality of life.  

*Details: to receive this offer, you must attend your scheduled appointment with your spouse/partner. Promotion can be used only once. Offer ends 6/30/2024.

At Craft Body Scan, we believe every man and woman deserves access to life-saving scans. In honor of National Cancer Survivors Month, we’re offering a heart and lung scan for you and your spouse/partner for only $99. That’s a savings of over $2600 off the regular price.

“Wonderful place. I am a 12-year breast cancer survivor. It is always in the back of your mind whether the cancer is going to come back, and this scan offers you great peace of mind.”

- Val Nichols, verified patient

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How Much Does a Heart and Lung Scan Cost?

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43% of body scans at Craft Body Scan result in the detection of significant health threats. With early intervention, these threats are highly treatable.

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Better Health Through a Proactive Approach

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Other physicians focus on waiting for symptoms and treating the problem once it appears. At Craft Body Scan, we focus on powerful early detection of the problem before it spreads and causes symptoms. A fast, low-radiation scan can reveal everything you need to know about your health. This knowledge enables you to act quickly to get treated, helping to preserve your health for years to come.

Your scan checks for tumors, blood clots, plaque buildup and countless other life-threatening conditions

A Craft Body Scan medical provider will review and interpret your results

You’ll receive your scan results in our secure online portal within 5 to 7 business days

“The process was simple and well-explained. The scan put my mind at ease after my brother-in-law recently passed away from cancer he didn’t know he had.”

- James Lowery, verified patient

For a limited time, you and your spouse/partner can receive a heart and lung scan for $99. That’s a savings of over $2600. To schedule, simply complete our online contact form. No credit card required.

What Craft Body Scan Patients Are Saying

I’m very glad I decided to take the scan. Had I not taken the scan, I would not have known I had multiple myeloma as well as other conditions. Without that scan, I wouldn’t have been able to find these conditions and start treatment early.

- Guy Waddell

We came in for a heart and lung scan and began discussing cancer history in the family.  We chose to do annual scans to keep an eye on the inside of our bodies. Sadly, we have friends that waited too late to get small things looked at. We don't want to be like them.

- Amanda Mixon

I'm so glad I made this purchase. After losing my wife to cancer, I can have peace of mind with yearly scans and early detection if something does arise.

- Kim Langworthy

Reduce Your Risk Now. Body Scans Can Help.

Over 10,000 patients have chosen Craft Body Scan for life-saving early detection, powerful disease prevention, and priceless peace of mind. Why not you? 

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Cancer, Heart Disease, and Silent Killers