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Why get a Couples $149 Heart and Lung Scan?

Early Detection - Peace of Mind

With Craft Body Scan's advanced technology, we can detect potential irregularities in your hearts and lungs early on. This kind of proactive approach to health management as a couple ensures both of you experience greater peace of mind.

Healthy Habits as a Team

Commit to healthy living as a duo. The Heart and Lung Couple's Scan serves as a catalyst for cultivating healthy habits together. Support each other in making positive lifestyle changes for a more active and fulfilling life.


Knowledge is Empowerment

Knowledge is a powerful tool in health management. By understanding what's happening in your hearts and lungs, you empower yourselves with the information needed to make informed decisions for a healthier future.

Embark on a shared journey of well-being 

What We Scan For

We understand the importance of early detection in maintaining heart and lung health and your general well-being. Our specialists are dedicated to providing detailed scans and analyses, guiding you through the findings, and advising on the next steps. We’re committed to supporting you and your loved one on a journey towards healthier lives.

Our team offers continuous support, with follow-up consultations to monitor your health and adjust your personalized plan as needed.
Don't wait for symptoms to arise. Taking action now is easy, convenient, and can make all the difference.

Heart Health Issues

Lung Abnormalities

Blocked Arteries

Respiratory Issues

Early Signs of Disease


Trusted By Happy Patients

I got the scan, and they found a lung nodule. My surgeon said that where the lung nodule was located in the upper portion of my right lung, I would have never had any discoverable problems or symptoms or issues until it would have been stage four and had escaped the lung. I believe that Craft Body Scan saved my life. Because without getting the scan, it could have been too late.



I got my body scan and they said there are some red areas that are showing up on your heart. I went to a local cardiologist, and he said, ‘Unfortunately, I can’t put in five stints because you have five blockages. You need to have open heart surgery.’ Craft Body Scan saved my life.



A few years back I decided I wanted to take better control of my health. The results I got from Craft was a calcium score for the heart. They found that the right side of my heart was about 92% blocked. I would strongly recommend anyone of my age to go and get scanned. You’re talking about a nominal amount of money that can change your life or even save your life.



Begin your path to a healthier heart and lungs.  


Lock in this limited-time offer and prioritize your short-term and long-term health today! 


Prioritize Prevention

Take Control of Your Health.

Health isn't one-size-fits-all, so why wait for the healthcare system only to address issues when we're sick? At Craft Body Scan, we believe in allowing people to take more control of their own health.
We’re currently offering a special $149 Couples Heart and Lung Scan. Regularly $1,360 each, the savings and value are MASSIVE! Sign up now for a comprehensive health evaluation that goes beyond the surface, focusing on critical areas of heart and lung health.

We aim to offer early detection and peace of mind through advanced imaging technology. Enjoy the convenience of scheduling your scans around your life, booking your appointment from the comfort of your home, and working with professionals who prioritize your health and privacy.

$150 $99 a Month Primary Care Membership

*$149 Couples Heart and Lung Scan Offer

normally valued at $1,360 per person